Is PaaS your future?

Eric D. Schabell
JBoss Technology Evangelist
Twitter: @ericschabell

Following along...

Let's talk *aaS ?

So what's


Repeat after me...




So what's the PaaS layer to me?

Never look back...

A Little History

  • Nov 2010: Makara acquired
  • In 2011: merged into OpenShift project
  • May 2012: Open Sourced
  • Dec 2012: OpenShift Primer (e-book)
  • 2013: Online Public PaaS / Enterprise Private PaaS / xPaaS Services
  • Apr 2014: OpenShift Primer revision 2 (e-book)
  • June 2014: OpenShift Online Market Place, extend reach to LTAM / APAC
  • Sep 2014: European hosting (Dec APAC)
  • Coming soon: v3 with Docker, Kubernetes, etc...

Events - JUG's, GOTO Aarhus, JAX London, JUDCon, Devoxx (2x), APAC Tech Exchange

Now you can talk about

IaaS & PaaS

but what about


Enterprise apps are complex

PaaS reduces work & risk

Reduce more work with higher-level services

JBoss xPaaS services for OpenShift

Services for OpenShift

JBoss xPaaS Services

Is PaaS your future?

Mastering xPaaS

Devoxx 2014

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OpenShift Primer

Devoxx 2013

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