Demo Formats

Made Easy

for SA's

Eric D. Schabell
JBoss Technology Evangelist
Westford, February 2015


Field needs

  1. KISS (keep it super simple)
  2. Consistency
  3. Repeatable


  1. Download and unzip
  2. Add products
  3. Run installation


This is done with a simple and clear project template structure:

Golden rule

Every demo should be repeatable
in minutes, if not less...

JBoss Demo Central


Feebdack (LTAM)

"It helped a lot, I used your demo to show how to use our BPM running on OpenShift: ... and we got it!"

"Opportunity Number: 2078333 Closed Won!"

"Thanks for your help and keep creating more amazing demos!"

Feebdack (EMEA)

"Being in the field I really appreciate using your examples, they enable me to get a demo up and running in under 5 minutes, without worrying about product configuration etc."

"They are simple enough to easily understand, yet have enough in them to demonstrate the product features, and at the same time make the demo reproducible by my customers on their own."

Feebdack (APAC)

"It would be great if we had some consistency across the middleware portfolio in regards to these demos in terms of their structure."

"If they all followed your simple recipe of an install script and being up and running in minutes, that would go a long way to enable me as a SA, but also to provide our customers direct access to these product demos."