6 steps to your

first process


JBoss BPM Suite starter kit

Red Hat webinar

Nov 12, 2015
Eric D. Schabell
JBoss Technology Evangelist
Have you used BPM and/or business rules solutions in the past?
  • Never, this is all new to me
  • No, just starting to investigate solutions
  • Yes, made attempts to use in the past
  • Yes, used solutions before, but not Open Source
  • Yes, consider myself advanced solutions designer

BPM is not hard

Let's take it step by step...

The 6 steps

  1. Starter kit
  2. Intro rules, events & processes
  3. Finding products
  4. Quick tour video series
  5. First installation
  6. Hands on workshops

Step 1 - starter kit

Red Hat Developers

JBoss BPM Suite product page


JBoss BPM Suite Getting Started...

Step 2 - introduction


Rules, events, processes...

Step 3 - find products

1. Red Hat Developer

2. Red Hat Customer Portal


Finding products...

Step 4 - quick tours


Quick tour video series...

Step 5 - first install

  1. Install on your local machine
  2. Install with one-click on xPaaS (bpmPaas)
  3. Generate a containerized installation


  • Get products...
  • Get easy install project...
  • Run installation...

Step 6 - workshops

  1. Get hands on with JBoss BPM Suite (free online)
  2. Teach workshops yourself (workshop-in-a-can)


Workshops online...



Eric D. Schabell
JBoss Technology Evangelist